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Moved couch to clean, found all the cat's toys.

"Yeah, so what, I'm having a toy reserve, now you ruined it all by moving the couch! Are you happy now ?

A Cat Story, thing are not always as scary as they seem and sometimes it takes a friend to realize that.

Foto del viernes: Cómic gatuno


Morning melt (19 photos)


Your household doors double as cat perches. 12 Signs Cats Have Taken Over Your Home

Dogs shaking at high shutter speed

Just dogs shaking at high shutter speed

Another fast shutter speed. For her series "Shake", pet photographer Carli Davidson photographed curious portraits of dogs shaking off water. Use a fast shutter speed and you can capture all kinds of strange expression.

Sleep attack...

Funny pictures about Playing Kitten Falls Asleep. Oh, and cool pics about Playing Kitten Falls Asleep. Also, Playing Kitten Falls Asleep photos.