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Doesn't play well.

I don't play well with communists, socialists, liberals, jihadists or Obama supporters.

Aww really!! You really do think you are better then me !! Please!! Funniest thing iv heard.. look at my life then look at ur life!!! Please, If it makes you feel better keep it going! As ur ex he did after all fall in love with me :-** you really do hate me all because your ex didn't want you! Does ur partner know how obsessed you are! Me and Matt can't stop laughing at you Steph I do remember ur childish messages making up abortions! Saying my bran new £11,000 twingo was shit car to have…

I especially don't care since I'm the one at the end of the day that crawls in bed next to him every night. Both of us butt ass naked. But it's cute that you think I care that you hate me. EXcuse yourself (;

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"I prefer peace, but if trouble must come, let it come in my time, so that my children can live in peace" Thomas Paine

Not merely a coward:  He and Hillary (and probably Valerie Jarrett) were COMPLICIT in their deaths.

COWARD--Only it's worse than that -- he is a criminal TRAITOR who was deliberately arming Syrian terrorists via the Benghazi station

Honestly.....sometimes I prefer the sugar coated bullshit !!!

No shit! vgb Honesty is better than sugar coated bullshit.


30 Things That Start To Happen When You're Almost 30

Another reason why I'm a "hands off" libertarian.

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