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"My windows aren't dirty..That's my dog's Nose Art." so true!!!!!

My windows aren't dirty. that's my dog's nose art. I have nose art all over my car windows and I wouldn't have it any other way :)

more than sayings: If your dog doesn't like someone

Truth - lol If your dog doesn't like someone, maybe you shouldn't either.

All the time

What do you mean pretend? Yeah, not pretending. Oh yeah; they answer me. They call for me. They scold me, talk back, tattle on one another, chatter away to me. Definitely not pretend :))))

A Golden Retrjeve....  A Golden Retriever made friends with 8 birds and a hamster...

Unlikely Friends Love To Keep Each Other Company

Best of Friends! ❤ A dog, 8 birds, and a cute hamster are best friends.I love Bob!

We would never have friends because Brutus doesn't like everyone ! Lol

Words of Wisdom: If your dog doesn't like somebody - maybe you shouldn't either.

Daily Routine Of Going Outside

This is his morning routine // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -humor funnypictures

If you’re afraid to walk your dog at night (and your dog is the kind that would rather lick the attacker than protect you) – this werewolf muzzle is for you! The Russian-designed dog muzzle sells for about 30 USD and permits your dog to slightly open its mouth, allowing it to pant. It is made from non-toxic plastic and nylon.

Strange Muzzle Transforms Your Dog Into an Intimidating Werewolf-Like Creature