clever bathroom storage!

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I already have my Ball jar full of cotton balls - now I know what to do with my q tips. cute bathroom organizer mason jar for cotton balls with a votive candle holder for q-tips

Dollar Tree Apothecary Jar

"Step-By-Step Dollar Tree Apothecary Jars. Perfect for any bathroom!" Step Go to Dollar Tree. Step Fill them. Step Wash yourself in Hibiclens because you have just been in a dollar tree and may now die.

very clever

Why didn't someone tell me sooner? Part 3

no more open bags of flour/sugar getting everywhere…no more cramming them in a zip lock…why haven’t I thought of this! no more open bags of flour/sugar getting everywhere…no more cramming…

Have a apothecary jar full of samples in your guest room or guest bathroom.

jar of samples in the guest room for your visitors to use. jar of samples in the guest room for your visitors to use. was last modified: December

Um pedaço de vassoura ou tubo de pvc resolve o problema de espaço

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Use a tension rod to get bottles off the cabinet floor, making room for other things. Again with the tension rods. Who can find tension rods this strong?

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Wine rack used as towel storage. how many times have I looked at cheap wine racks and tried to think of something else that would fit? Bingo

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Bathroom Towel Storage Ideas: Rolled up towels fit perfectly in a standing wine rack. This is a great storage solution and keeps towels within easy reach. Its also very decorative. Choose towels in colors to coordinate with your bathroom decor.

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12 Easy Kitchen Organization Tips | Install a tension rod to hang cleaning products under the sink.

12 Easy Kitchen Organization Ideas For Small Spaces (DIY and Dollar Store)

Tension rod to hang spray bottles.well, I think I will! I did the tension rod thing and it does well with the spray bottles. now for some organization of the rest of the mess under the sink.