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Fondo de Pantalla de Un Delfín Levantado

Dolphins intrigue people, perhaps because we relate to their intelligence and playful spirits. A dolphin (also known as a porpoise) is a symbol.

Why is Palm Coast, Florida, known as nature's safe haven? Year-round in the waters off Flagler County’s beaches, bottlenose dolphins cruise the shoreline, clearly visible by beachgoers on Flagler Beach.

These dolphins and other vulnerable and endangered species can be captured and drowned in deadly drift gillnets targeting swordfish off the California coast. If we do not speak up there is no limit to the number that could die.

Gallery Black and white animals: Breaching Killer Whale

In pictures: The monochrome menagerie

Only foolish humans would keep a pound Killer Whale, or Orca, in captivity, made to perform & listen to loud music under stressful co.

Dolphins Love by Michele “Oni-kun” Gobbi on 500px

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