Bitstop: Glass Still Life

Bitstop: Glass Still Life. Creative image of wine glasses in a row with a spot of red wine.

Liquid #wine #glass - by Juletjess wine / vinho / vino mxm

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♂ Still life photography yellow flower glass

The juxtaposition of the yellow flowers creates contrast due to the way in which the colour and shape stands out against the background, which is a much colder colour.

abstract wine bottle & glass

This is an old trick that one can do with a bottle and a half-empty (full) glass. thanks for your feedback a symmetry in my glass of wine

sirloin:  In vino veritas.

I like this photo because the refraction in of the glass created a unique photo. I like how the glasses see to change size and shape and they go further back. Still+Life+Photography

We had to take a still life in the studio of "glass". I liked the way the glasses can be seen through each other in decreasing and depth of field, balance, perfection.

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