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New favorite palindrome: Dammit I'm Mad spelled backwards is Dammit I'm Mad

Aahh.  But they weren't hidden, they were laid in the middle of the road in plain sight.  Remember 1972, Bark River, MI.  RIP.

I LOVE YOU When I' m bored, I send a text to a random number saying "I hid the body." No i dont fuck y

I feel as if this would be relevant in my home - because I could really mostly care less.  If you are coming to see my house, stay home.  If you are coming to see me, why, c'mon in!

Shockingly Funny Ads Pepsi ads in bulding hehe yes. Funny, mine should read, "The house was clean an hour ago. Sorry you missed it.

A pillow and blanket... hahahaha what a great idea for a gag gift

Sleeping bag and pillow.who doesn't want a sleeping bag that looks like a fucking condom?

Dear Santa :)

my Christmas letter. "Dear Santa, This year please give me a big fat bank account and a slim body. Please don't mix those two up like you did last year. Thanks.

Or like one of the three stooges slapping your face and head repeatedly!

I don't like spiders and snakes, but.act like a black belt when I walk into a spider web

When it comes to protecting yourself and your possessions, I would have absolutely no qualms with trying to trick a burglar into going next door instead.  This Defense Mat ($50, American Design Club) will help lead them away from your door.  And your valuables.

The Neighbors Have Better Stuff Doormat from Reed Wilson Design and Bourbon & Boots - this is too funny

Grammar... the difference between knowing your shit and knowing you're shit #hahaha #lol #tgif

I hate stupid people. GRAMMAR The difference between knowing your shit and knowing you' re shit. Well played sir, well played I hate stupid people GRAMMAR The difference between knowing your shit and you' re Well played sir well

Bitch say what???

who has time to think of this stuff. get a life - still mindblowing that it works

Lol if only it was practical when 75 other loads are waiting lol

hahaha thought this was funny the times that I have to do the laundry which isn't much at all I restart the dryer more times then I can count LOL