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This cruel method must be stopped!

The "Ban Shark Fin Soup" Movement is very successful and resulted in many cities banning the sale of shark fin soup. Did a US Law to Protect Sharks help spark

Meet Kanga Roo, The Kitty That Stands On Two Legs

Meet Kanga Roo, The Kitty That Stands On Two Legs

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There's always a chance it's a fake like the famous "Hurricane Irene/Puerto Rico street shark"  but the story is that the floods in Thailand brought Bull sharks in from the harbors and up local streets, creating a hazard for pedestrians - you decide!

This doesn't look possible but it is. After Hurricane Irene went through Puerto Rico in a shark decided to go swimming down the street. Can you imagine? SHARKNADO IS REAL.

stop shark finning - a smart way to vandalize

shark specialists estimate that 100 million sharks are killed for their fins, annually.

How and Where Sharks Attack - Surfers and swimmers are the most likely to be attacked by sharks. Sharks will most probably attack lower legs, upper legs or lower torso. Sharks have various attack strategies like hit-and-run, bump and bite, and sneak attacks. Enjoy the scary shark attack facts in the infographic! #shark #sharkattack #endangeredspecies

How and Where Sharks Attack

Shark attack is truly a terrifying experience for the victim. This infographic contains information and statistics on the relative risk of shark attacks. Find out how a shark attacks and prevent from being a victim.

Eating is really tiresome

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Can't say I blame it for keeping away from us, we haven't got the best track record with sharks.

10 Amazing Animal Facts You Probably Didn't Know

MFS-Strange but TRUE The goblin shark, Mitsukurina owstoni, is a deep-sea shark, the sole living species in the family Mitsukurinidae.