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Machu Picchu, Peru

Around the Sacred Plaza we find the Temple of the Sun, the Temple of the Three Windows, and the Principal Temple, and Inihuatana, the “the hitching post of the sun”. All these structures also serve to astronomical purposes.

Machu Picchu - Peru

The world famous Machu Picchu found in Peru. Machu Picchu was built as an estate for the Inca emperor Pachacuti. Often referred to as the "Lost City of the Incas", it is perhaps the most familiar icon of Inca civilization.

Never underestimate how big these stones are .. some are estimated to weigh 1000 tons. How were they moved to this site in ancient times?

Puma Punku in Tiahuanaco - Never underestimate how big these stones are. some are estimated to weigh 1000 tonnes and so precisely placed. Not to mention the interlocking and impossibly machined angles. Check it out!

Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota

Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota

Great wall

Long Lines – Original Poem

Australia boasts a geoglyph that's larger than Peru's "Nazca Lines" and England's "White Horse". Called the "Marree Man", the pictograph measures 4.2 km tall by 2 km wide and is etched into a plateau near Marree. It depicts an Aboriginal warrior throwing a hunting stick and is so large that it can be viewed fully only from the air. "Marree Man" was discovered by a charter pilot in 1998 and, despite being the world's largest geoglyph, its origin remains a mystery.

Marree Man in Australia is km long and 2 km wide (of recent origin)

HD Widescreen waterfall

Jiuzhaigou Valley is a nature reserve and national park located in northern Sichuan province of southwestern China. Jiuzhaigou Valley is part of the

Portofino, Italy

The most beautiful place in italy. The most beautiful place in italy. The most beautiful place in italy to visit.

Victoria Falls, in zimbabwe, like a great big hole in the world!

Victoria Falls, Southern Africa on the Zambezi River at the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. Victoria Falls – indigenously called Mosi-oa-Tunya, or "Smoke that Thunders” – plunges a misty into narrow Batoka Gorge.

What lies beneath....  the Easter Island heads

Okay, I’m sure some people out there knew the Easter Island statues had bodies, but I’m not going to pretend to be one of those people. My mind is kind of blown that I’m almost 40 and just now finding out that there are Easter Island statue bodies.

JOJO POST STAR GATES: California Discovered when George Palmer was flying over the area in 1930. Near the Colorado River, on the desert floor west of Highway 95- A spectacular huge drawings mystery in California, like the Nazca lines,only seen from above.  The Blythe Intaglios. Enormous figures of a man, woman, a horse, coiled snake & horseshoes on top of a mesa.

Blythe Intaglios - Near the Colorado River, on the low desert just west of Highway lies one of the most spectacular ancient creations in California––a group of immense drawings that, like Peru’s famous Nazca lines, can only be seen properly from the air.