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Firebrand, known only as Red Arremer in Japan, is the main character from the Gargoyle's Quest.

Why we love LOA

Some of the many, many reasons we love Avatar! Some of these made me laugh so hard! (I love how when you're in a fandom, these random little phrases that make no sense to anyone else bring a whole story line and strong range of emotions to you).

Rings inspired by the Disney Princesses - Part I: Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, and Ariel

Ring Design Meme Rings inspired by the Disney Princesses - Part I Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, and Ariel (made here)--love the Ariel ring!

I want this game!! one problem, err... two: they missed soundbending in the subclass section and the love interest thing didnt include any love connections that werent hetero.

I would pay tens of dollars for this

Shut up and take my money! - Avatar the Last Airbender Video Game produced by the minds behind Star Wars K.

nightcrawler - Google Search

Nightcrawler Returns in Amazing X-Men Amazing X-Men Written by: Jason Aaron Art & Wraparound Cover by : Ed McGuinness Marvel asks: “What would you do to save a fallen friend?” In Amazing X-Men…Read more →