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To my surprise, he remains all that and more.... *I don't do christmas. Ha.. that's why you hate me ..

Love quote - love quotes - wedding quote ideas - "He was Christmas morning, crimson fireworks, and birthday wishes." Raquel Franco {Your Tango}

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"I mean, you ask someone about love and they tell you about heartbreak." ~ Excerpt of a book I'll never write

Because the point of love isn’t to get something in return.  That’s just a bonus.

I guess I've never really thought about it this way before. It's just a natural thing for me, it's how I'm wired. It's one of the qualities about myself that I'm most grateful for. That I was entrusted with this Gift.

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To me, a rich and satisfying life means one full of contrast. I am determined to embrace this extravagant life for all that is has to offer.

All I want is you Kevin. I hope one day you'll be able to see what I'm worth and treat me the way I should be treated. No lies. Just love and care.

Single is better than in relationship essay Dec 2015 · 8 Reasons Being Single Is Better Than Being In A Mediocre Relationship Don't accept less than you deserve.

(hey you)

let the inspiration and love for the simplicity and its side-effects be your motivation to continue the journey.

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The stars twinkled in his eyes, and the sun itself warmed his smile. I knew I might burn but I just had to inch a little closer. - The Dreamer

If you cannot be a poet, be the poem.

It's amazing how wonderful words can connect and become the best we've ever heard at certain times in our lives. "Wanderer"July This is absolutely one of the most beautiful poems I have ever read!