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Otto von Bismarck and his dogs Tyras II and Rebecca in 1891.

Bismarck mit seinen „Reichshunden“ Tyras II und Rebecca in Friedrichsruh, Juli 1891

mastin napolitano

Neopolitan mastiff(Italian) Giant cm kg Grooming : undemanding Exercise : medium Feeding : fairly demanding Temperament : devoted guard

1900 - 1913 colección C.H.

1900 - 1913 colección C.H.

American+Boxer+Dog | American Boxer vs German Boxer

I'm somewhat curious about the differences between German and American Boxers. As i understand it, most top American Boxers have - so to speak -

Looks like my Buster

Boxer Clubs in the United States of America II, Dog, Cat and other Pet Friendly Travel Articles

Cane Corso

* * " De idea dat America be in a culture of violence be dogshit. It be in a culture of Kartrashians.

Dogs, Training, Doggies

This made my day!! I could really see our Mastiff, Angus decked out like this for Hannah! <3 OMG this cracks me up!!

Mastiff I'd love to know how long it took to get this picture. Ours was a failure, the pony saddle was too small

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