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LOL @Sara Rose Hagan

27 Cats Who Could Clearly Be Male Models. This guy is sick limber!

27 gatos que podrían ser modelos.

27 gatos que podrían ser modelos.

Dressing up the lawn dinosaur

I officially need a lawn dinosaur! Lol Dug the T-Rex. these people have a t rex as a lawn ornament and dress him up for holidays. this is the most unbelievably EPIC thing i've ever seen. SO MUCH AWESOME

Starts out gross but you GOTTA READ TILL THE END!!!

These are the Dangers of Sexting

Some Guy Named Chris Has Something To Say

Some Guy Named Chris Has Something To Say

Funny pictures about I'm pretty sure I'd like to meet Chris. Oh, and cool pics about I'm pretty sure I'd like to meet Chris. Also, I'm pretty sure I'd like to meet Chris.

Best costume idea I've seen in a while.

22 of the most amazing DIY kids Halloween costumes that definitely warrant extra treats

Kids dressed up for Halloween as Napoleon & Kip; Also, their expressions fit their characters PERFECTLY (unless of course, the Kip kid is depressed by his costume, and the Napoleon kid is totally confused by his) !

A funny picture of the statues fight back funny pictures

My new goal while traveling.- Getting a funny pic with a statue- {Bucket List}

twin boys hear their daddy sneeze and try to copy the sound. SOOOOO CUTEEE!

The Sneezing Twins! This is a funny video of our cute little twin boys as they hear Daddy do something very strange and the Twins Mimic Daddy's Sneeze (aka t.

My thoughts on "healthy snacking" while pregnant.. - Imgur

I'm not sure about the fat cat, but this is funny :) Trail mix is M&Ms with obstacles

Adam Sandler teaches me - http://www.jokideo.com/

I wish the first picture had better grammar, but Adam Sandler has taught me some things.

Portia the Boxer dog learns how to walk in her new booties, and is less than pleased with them.

I truly just laughed so hard I cried. If you have never seen a dog try to walk while wearing shoes for the first time you MUST watch this. Literally still crying right now. I'm so buying my dogs shoes now

Funny pictures about Poor Depressed Cat. Oh, and cool pics about Poor Depressed Cat. Also, Poor Depressed Cat.