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Meet a 51 year old mother, wife, professional and triathlete. Canon L II, Glide Cam and Jib

Inspirational quote: "A goal should scare you a little and excite you a lot." - Joe Vitale


"A goal should scare you a little, and excite you A LOT." - Joe Vitale I totally agree. There's no point having a goal that doesn't excite you!

Ironman Triathlon Infographic | Lemonly

Ironman Triathlon: An Endurance Event

Ready to try your first triathlon? Make sure you avoid these 20 Beginner Triathlon Mistakes!

20 Beginner Triathlon Mistakes To Avoid

Ready to try your first triathlon? Or getting ready for your first race of the season? Make sure you avoid these 20 Beginner Triathlon Mistakes and have a better race experience!

5 ways to get more distance per stroke. swimming tips.

As I left the pool today, my swimming technique became very apparent to me. When I was younger, I was a competitive swimmer and distance per stroke wa

IRONMAN. One word says it all. You finally have the time, commitment and motivation to pursue your first IRONMAN. 7 IRONMAN Races for First Timers http://www.active.com/triathlon/articles/7-ironman-races-for-first-timers?cmp=17N-PB33---D1--1150

Half IRONMAN Triathlons for First-Timers

Looking to make the jump to half IRONMAN? These races will make the transition a little easier.

Oh, you ran a marathon? That's cute… bahaha #triathlon #motivation #swimbikerun http://www.thetrihub.com

This triple sport shirt will make them do a double take. For a triathlete to wear before, during and/or after a triathlon.