Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall at the 27th Academy Awards

Bogie and Bacall, 1955 A nominee for his performance in The Caine Mutiny, Humphrey Bogart makes his way inside the Oscars, his stunning wife Lauren Bacall at his side.

Humphrey Bogart on his yacht, "Santana," 1952

Humphrey Bogart on his yacht, "Santana," 1952

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Humphrey Bogart - What a name and what a cultural icon! The mysterious Humphrey Bogart is known as the greatest male star of classic Hollywood cinema. It just doesn't get any better than Casablanca, people.Photo found here.

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bogart and bacall. Lauren Becall dies today of a massive stroke at Age Known for her sultry voice . She joins Bagart and her other Husband Jason Robards .

Dandy: Humphrey Bogart

Your Morning Shot: Humphrey Bogart

In celebration of my new pipe!: circa American actor Humphrey Bogart - sitting on a fence smoking a pipe.