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Resultado de imagen para gimnasia ritmica pinterest tumblr

Resultado de imagen para gimnasia ritmica pinterest tumblr

um, after a good work out which usually consists of running 5 miles in the dry summer heat. but i don't have 3 hrs and there is no smoldering summer heat. gym sucks

Cause I feel the prettiest and strongest after a long, hard workout. So true, love my "happy" endorphins after a work out!

I'm going to finally start working out. :)

The Best Ab Workouts of 2012 (or Maybe Ever!) Level One Exercise Plan Beginner cardio workout [health] Back On Pointe: good tips

Covering topics from diet to sleep, we've rounded up a few numbers you should strive for or, at the very least, consider. Some numbers are simply a reminder, while others may surprise you. Check out the complete list below.

Your Health: It's a Numbers Game

While healthcare specifics vary by individual, having a general understanding established by doctors and research can help guide your daily choices for the

Blogilates: Slim and Sexy Summer Arms Workout

8 Stretches That Can Help Ease the Pain of Sciatica

Have you ever done a POP Pilates workout. lets just say they ROCK! Here is Slim n' Sexy Summer Arms

gonna have to try this one... gotta get my buns in shape! by jose reyes

Take Our Squat Circuit Challenge! 30 Days to 200 Squats. ~~~I am currently half way through this challenge. It is awesome! 200 squats here I come!

Jillian Michaels: 6 Week Six-Pack - Get ripped, flat abs in 6 weeks with America’s toughest trainer, Jillian Michaels.

Jillian Michaels: 6 Week Six-Pack Get ripped, flat abs in 6 weeks with Americas toughest trainer, Jillian Michaels. Forget boring sit-ups Jillians ab-shredding system will chisel the midsection with her winning combination of core-focused cardio circuits

#omnidrops http://www.omnitrition.com/auggies

set your goal do it. don't beat yourself if you fail one day, get on track just do it again. Then set the bar even higher and KEEP GOING!

How much is a pound of fat? #Health #Infographic

The Key to Lose Weight (The Lose It App)

There are calories in one pound of fat. Thus, if you cut back or work off just calories, you will lose an entire pound of fat.

I hate how they say you'll look 'exactly' like this if you do these same exercises. Saving on my fitness board because it is a good workout, but don't expect to just look magically like this in a few months. God created to all look different on purpose :)

Friday Favorites

Found this on an inspirational website with lots of exercises, daily tips and motivation fitness ab-workout