Some of my best friends never say a word to me. I wish this was my best friend

This is true. :-)

Rottenecards - I RIDE HORSES: I haul 50 lb. sacks of feed, and 75 lb. bales of hay all the time. I use pitch forks, yell at lb. animals and move them out of my way, whenever I want to. You are not a problem to me!

Top 10 quotes about horse riding  These are GREAT!

Top 10 quotes about horse riding. number 4 just makes me laugh because it's so true!

Oh hey, you're home early

Back Country Horsemen of BC's Jan. 2015 E-Newsletter

funny-pictures-uk: “ “ sometimes you just stop asking how things happen ” ”

Horse quote, The wind of heaven is that which blows through a horses ears.

Horse quote, inspirational quotation, horse photography with quote, various sizes. I love this quote. It might be my next tattoo.

Bareback <3

I ride bareback, I love it much more than the saddle. You won't get saddle sore (or at least not as bad) You can feel your horses movements before they even do it are one with the horse, you can be as free as them

“Some #ThursdayThoughts for you fellow horse lovers. ”

Far And Ride on

People just don't get how much better life is in the saddle. Horses are my life and everything I love and worked for has gone into them. Life just is so much better with horses.

I waited 13 years for my first horse.and he is my dream. (By waited I've been a horse person since I first laid eyes on them at 18 months so. I was 14 when I got my first horse and I still have him.) He is my living dream.

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Hold on to what makes you happy. If it tries to buck you off, hold on even tighter.


I don't kiss toads and hope they turn into princes. I kiss princes (or stallions ;