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That would be great

We need a rapping Disney princess.<- it'd be an awesome theme too if you think about it. So what if you don't fit in with everyone else, you're still awesome!

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Me reading this: when i was-A YOUNG BOY, MY FATHER TOOK ME INTO THE CITY

"the story of my first contracted murder" -- (actually this is just really funny, but I didn't know which board I could add this to without sounding like an a-hole/psychopath) -- click through for more murderous funnies. Oh my gosh

11258718_806936729404928_2273677328475005513_n.png (526×282)

11258718_806936729404928_2273677328475005513_n.png (526×282)

The shapeshifter's schedule...

I would be a bird and fly

No, for reals, shapeshifting is the power to have, because you can shapeshift into anything else. Want to be a vampire? Want to be a werewolf? Want to look like a famous celebrity?

Why storms are named after people

When I leave you will finally understand why storms are named after people.

Jeez had no clue

Hilariously fun tidbit after Trump allegedly told Germany not to sell their cars in america anymore