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Lego enthusiasts Alice Finch and David Frank created a massive brick replica of Rivendell, the Elven outpost from 'The Lord of the Rings' trilogy.

Showcase: The Dreadfort (Timelapse) Minecraft Project

Temple of the Eternal Flame (huge server spawn) Minecraft Project

This is my project that Io ve been working on for last month. This is a fantasy server spawn. I tried my best to create a great spawn even that Io ve never.

Castle [World save map] Minecraft Project

Castle [World save map] Minecraft Project

The Colonial Island Minecraft Project

Colonial Island It s pretty hard to describe the style of this town or even the age when it was build. Somewhere between medieval and colonial style with a.

Epic Médiéval City Minecraft Project

EN Here is my project after more than 300 hours of work. I hope you enjoy the city In this city perfect for your server spawn there is a tavern a cathedral.

Peaceful Cherry Valley ( Feat Plutouthere) Minecraft Project

Hi guys I made a little map with the one and only Plutouthere Indeed he did all the gorgeous trees in the map especially the big one in the middle.

blueprint of minecraft house idea                                                                                                                                                     More

blueprint of minecraft house idea More {{{ no no no my friend this house is made in the game terraria I think terraria is the word you're looking for ok blueprint for terraria house k

Medieval Church Minecraft Project

Hello everyone For my second project I built a medium sized medieval church. I took inspiration from a picture of a papercraft church I realy liked the.

The Lost Keep Minecraft Project

The Lost Keep The Lost Keep is an old castle building that was left ages ago. Built out of the strongest and finest stone that was to find this fort was.