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Hello Darling Cow (6" Quilt Block) | Craftsy

Hello Darling Cow (6" Quilt Block) | Craftsy

Space quilt for Carter???

It’s Time to Mop My Kitchen Floor

Why is it time to mop my kitchen floor? Because it’s time to pin baste a certain space quilt on my kitchen floor! I finished the top shortly after my last post, but am now scared to…


My addiction that is the "La Passacaglia" Wow 5 weeks into this project already and I am still hooked as much as I was when I first .

M's Space quilt

M's Space quilt

Outer Space Quilt in Blues

Outer Space Quilt in Blues, Turquoise, Black, Orange and Purples - Handmade Kid's Napping Blanket for the Little Astronaut in your Life

Custom Space Quilt. $245.00, via Etsy.

Custom Space Quilt. $245.00, via Etsy.

A Nautical Quilt that I made for my sweet nephew Warren!

Sailing the High Seas for Warren

Next month, my husband and I will officially become the Uncle and Aunt to our first nephew, Warren. Beings that he is our first nephew, I knew I wanted to make sure he was snuggled up in one of my …

Puzzle Quilt variation - "Trying to Fit In"

A few months ago, some of the gals were making puzzle quilt tops and I fell in love with the design.