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And the fandom shall never forgive them!!!

Honestly, the fact that he wasn't as important in the movies as he was in the books makes me mad. His part is important: it shows what a little bit of kindness will do to someone, and anyone who hasn't read the books totally missed out on that lesson

ha to all you people who think harry and Hermione should be together it was always set Ginny would be with harry and that's the way it should be and here is my proof!!!!!!

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Harry Potter Facts The ending of the book, Deathly Hallows, was written before the and books were written.

Harry Potter fact #286. That's awkward moment when you realize the Doctor aka David Tennant was a death eater.

Harry Potter fact Thats awkward moment when u realize the doctor aka David tennant was a death eater.<<he was Barty Crouch Jr. before he was the Doctor.

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Harry Potter Facts When Fred and George Weasley bewitched snowballs to bounce off the back of Professor Quirrell's turban in Sorcerer's/Philosopher's Stone, they were unknowingly hitting Voldemort in the face. YES! GO FRED AND GEORGE!

Holy fuck. Are you fucking kidding me. She's so brilliant.

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Fun facts: Harry Potter - I especially love the one about how to pronounce Hermione's name because I was totally saying it wrong until I read Goblet of Fire. And poor George.

So sweet!!

Harry Potter Facts - harry-potter Photo I cried when it happened in the book and in the movie, too.

* Crawls in a hole and starts crying* Whyyyyyy, Harry Potter, Forever and Always....

I love this idea. I love the idea do actually doing this at special or important events.like wills wedding

No Blaise Zabini is a character that appeared in HBP and Crabbe is supposed to die in the Room of Requirement in DH

hmm, I knew what happened but I didn't know Blaise was supposed to BE Crabbe.thought he was just another kid.

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Harry Potter Facts Harry's place in between life and death was King's Cross Station because Harry would "associate it with moving between two worlds".

Harry Potter Facts Draco Malfoy Lord Voldemort

Harry Potter Facts The scene featuring the hug between Voldemort and Draco in Deathly Hallows Part Two took about 25 takes, and the hug was only done in one of them.