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Such a hugger...

spoilers supernatural dean winchester sam winchester castiel hugs spn garth benny kevin tran spnedit spnedits spn [mbm] long post for ts cant find a high quality clip of the sam hug :( but i got one for everyone else

I miss Kevin.<<I absolutely LOVE Dean and his pop culture references! it makes my day

Yeah, 'cause you're a crappy shot

I know I just posted it but he is ALWAYS WEARING A SUIT. Just in case you haven’t noticed

He truly is the master of the fandoms

Mark Sheppard, king of the fandoms! Although the picture labeled "Dollhouse" is actually from "Chuck"

This is why Supernatural is a fantastic and amazing show! It's REALISTIC and actually makes you wonder and doubt

Supernatural's Satan is scarier. but there are some scary-as-shit Doctor Who episodes. And hello, weeping angels?

I don't know how they didn't crack up in the middle of this scene. Haha. I love Jensen's face in that last block.

One of my favorite scenes with Castiel in Supernatural :D I'd be the babysitter to his pizza man anytime <---- bad, very very bad. But SO funny!


Take the milkshake Cas! [puts milkshake in front of him and every boy on earth comes into the yard] Ō.

There's this girl today that said I need God after I shivered and looked like I was being possessed she's insanity Christian so I looked at her and said no I think I might not need him just yet then I stood up sat criss-cross on the floor, peered over the desk and kind of growled.

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The girl is to religious but the removing Good thing is kinda sad for me. This was kinda mean but I guess the girl deserved it for being too religious. I'm a Christian, but I would've fangirled about SPN w the person :)

The bottom says: "dead men don't wear plaid" but Sam died wearing plaid and came back wearing plaid....wtf?

The bottom says: "dead men don't wear plaid" but Sam died wearing plaid and came back wearing plaid.----> also charlies dead oops

I coughed out my rice when I saw this...

I'm a Cas girl to please save me oh my god *five hours later and remembers this* *REEE FLAILING*

Outback steakhouse pentagram....It's a demon trap made of Outback in Arizona <<< HOLY CRAP!!! I live in Arizona!!! I never knew we had a demon trap out of a restaurant!!!

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Walmart is the gate to hell.>>> Walmart is always the gate to hell

meanwhile Misha Collins at the SPN Conventions LOL oohh Misha you're so adorkable ^_^ <3 #Supernatural

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Misha has a very good point. which kind of scares me.<<< Said men might want to watch the show first though, I'm willing to bet most of us can smell bullshit from a mile away

Sam and Dean quotes

Sam and Dean quotes