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His hair holy balls. If I could I would run my fingers through it and not give two shits.

This picture of Calum made me forget the meaning of "breathe". He is so goddamn beautiful.

He looks so perfect standing there Luke probably stole a pair of his underwear and ik now why hes so down <<< his concerned face is a work of art he is looking for the nearest Walmart

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A Message From 5 Seconds Of Summer

A Message From 5 Seconds Of Summer<< he thinks it's ok to kill us Luke girls like you won't have any pretty soon<<<well he killed more then luke girls that's for sure. and this is why I try to stay in the undecided lane

I'm the ashton out of my friends

14 Misconceptions Aliens Would Have About Earth

Or a picture of a selfie. Everything about this picture is perfect

5 Seconds of Summer. Michael Clifford (Guitar, Vocals). Luke Hemmings (Vocals, Guitar). Calum Hood (Vocals, Bass). Ashton Irwin (Drums). She Looks So Perfect.

5 Seconds of Summer Luke Hemmings Ashton Irwin Calum Hood Michael Clifford/// does anyone else notice how long Ash's fingers are?