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Me: WAIT DONT HANG UP IM A FANGIRL. Leo: A Fangirl you say? Calypso: Leo who are you talking to? Leo: no one. Hey call you back later Fangirl Calypso is being weird.

Greek/Roman gods

Greek gods and their Roman counterparts. Roman gods and goddesses, as compared to their lively Greek counterparts, lacked personality, were never seen in human form, and were concerned with civic duty.

Lol I can't get up

Luke is not amused by *FlockeInc on deviantART sooooooo funny>>>>>Oh, no. I got Luke and Jason confused for a minute!

Totally happened at one point

This is just too perfect. Only Avatar: Last Airbender fans and Heroes of Olympus fans will understand this.< I laughed so hard


Annabeth Chase/Piper McLean, Percy Jackson/Nico di Angelo, Piper McLean/Reyna, Jason Grace/Percy Jackson, Percy Jackson/Annabeth Chase<<<<<oh Jason and Percy. wonder hos far they would make it?

Annabeth.. Have you seen my Percy?

Have you seen her percy?this is so cute also I saw a children's book like this but with a hat instead of Percy

At least the first movie had some things in common with the book...

Percy Jackson, the movie, in EXTREME accuracy. -_-<< the only good part of this movie was the guy who played Luke, and that's because he also plays Adam from Supernatural. Oh, and Rosario Dawson as Persephone was kind of funny.