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Can Medicinal Marijuana Treat Depression?

Veterans are fighting for right to use medical marijuana for PTSD in Arizona...they seek to have it added to the list of qualifying conditions in the state medical marijuana program. In 2010, the VA began allowing patients to use medical marijuana in states in which it is legal. Veterans have testified in droves that cannabis has helped symptoms much better than limiting and zombie-inducing prescription medications. However, the federal govt continues to send mixed messages. Read more....

~Support veterans fighting for their right to treat their PTSD with medical marijuana.

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10 Powerful Substance Abuse Infographics

Drugs In The Workplace – Effects Of Marijuana On The Brain. Facts About Human Brain. How Marijuana Affects the Brain.

Cannabis hemp was legal tender (money) in most of the Americas from 1631 until the early 1800s. #hemp

Cannabis hemp was legal tender (money) in most of the Americas from 1631 until the early "Get out", what happened.

Marijuana and Whoopi Goldberg fans are incredibly excited, as the legendary EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony Awards) holder and Maya Elisabeth, the High Times Cannabis Cup award winning edible marijuana maker, team up to create a line of female focused medical cannabis products. The company they founded, Whoopi and Maya, are specializing in products that help women deal with life's discomforts. Anything from tinctures to bath bombs to salves, the products are specifically aimed at…

Whoopi Goldberg is investing her name and financial support to a medical marijuana business in joint partnership with award-winning edibles maker Maya Elis

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👌 Did you know? Inflammation is a key factor in most age-related illnesses. Components of Cannabis are proven to reduce inflammation. Stop treating people like criminals. Make Cannabis legal.

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In the recent November elections, we reached a crucial turning point in cannabis decriminalization: over half the states now have cannabis legalized in some form or another