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I'm not entirely sure what this is, but it's gorgeous

Gorgeous White Lipped Python --> why on earth is it called the white-lipped python? Why not the rainbow python?

golden child motley platinum reticulated python - Google Search

golden child motley platinum reticulated python This is my Type RR camellia paint am working on the paint design as we speak!


A pastel axanthic ball python. Even if you don't like snakes. ***the original owner's photo has gone viral;

The beautiful, extremely poisonous African Bush Viper.    whoa- its a dragon    That is the prettiest snake I’ve ever seen.    That is a tiny dragon (of the wyrm body type) and either is hiding it’s wings in some fashion or they haven’t grown yet. You cannot convince me otherwise.

texasuberalles: ““ The beautiful, extremely poisonous African Bush Viper. ” “Bush Viper” my butt, that thing is clearly a Salamander looking for a new inferno to live in.

dinosaur appreciation blog — sixpenceee:   These iridescent snakes are...

sixpenceee: “These iridescent snakes are gorgeous. The one on the right is a white-lipped python.

White Lipped Python.

Rainbow Serpent or Rainbow Snake is a common deity, often a creator in the mythology and a common motif in the art of Aboriginal Australia. It is named for the obvious identification between the shape of a rainbow and the shape of a snake.


william-snekspeare: “ whatsallthisnow: “ squishfrog: “ My boyfriend has the most beautiful animals ” What the hell kind of cow is that? ” Don’t be rude that’s their boyfriend ”