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I hope we're friends until we die. And then I hope we stay ghost friends, walk through walls and scare the hell out of people together.

I'm no ER nurse... but this made me laugh...

I'm not an ER nurse but I do work in the ER and this is so true

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Friends don't let friends do silly things. alone Friends don't let friends do silly things. alone Friends don't let friends do silly things.


so many friends, so many miles between us, but so thankful for them all! True friendship isn't about being inseparable, it's being separated and nothing changes.

KISS - Inspirational Quotes for the Day

KISS - Inspirational Quotes for the Day

This Reminds me of my dearest friends who are sisters, Cynthia and Pam! They could have written this quote ! Elizabeth Taylor quote Put on some lipstick and pull yourself together art print, typography, wall decor, girly decor 8 x 8 via Etsy

that's a tattoo idea!

Tattooed women are awesome. Even when we're naked, we are still the best-dressed woman around :)

Do Unto Others « deborah tindle

Do Unto Others

From this point on, I plan to treat people exactly how they treat me. Some will be glad. Others should be scared. Yes this my new motto

I know I'm a realist and your a dreamer. I know I am a talker and you keep things to yourself. I know I like to sleep in and be lazy and you love to get moving. I know you get angry while I shut down. I know we are very different people but we balance each other out and love conquers all

This is so true! The right person will make you strive to be a better person through their actions and love. Two identical people have nothing to teach one another and do not create that balance everyone strives for in a good healthy relationship.