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A very handy "Craft Beer Retailer Temperature Cheat Sheet," that applies to storing and serving beer at home as well.

The Case Against Frosted Glassware

Serving craft beer in frosted glassware is not cool. Julia Herz provides temperature tips to craft beer enthusiasts and retailers.

Interessado por Cerveja? Confira estes Pins selecionados para você…

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志賀高原ビール | 九死に一生

志賀高原ビール | 九死に一生

How to be a Beer Snob with One Chart

How To Be A Beer Snob In One Simple Chart

How to be a Beer Snob with One Chart. One of the best charts I've seen.

Beer Glasses... by tammy

One of the most important aspects to serving any drink is choosing the perfect glass. There are five different beer glass categories to choose from. Print this out for Dad and include with some beer glasses for Father's Day.

A nicely crafted beer is a thing of beauty, but if you're pouring it into just any old grimy pint glass, you're not letting that brew reach its true potential. The right glass is key to getting every last boozy drop of pleasure.

The Definitive Guide To Beer Glasses

So what& in a beer glass? Have you ever thought about the varying designs of different beer glasses and what they do? With this infographic you can learn your snifter from your stein with the ultimate beer glass guide!