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This one is called ‘She always says: if you have to wait, choose your chair wisely.’

When the clicker is gone 7

This one is called 'She always says: if you have to wait, choose your chair wisely.' Este se llama 'Ella siempre dice: si tienes que esperar, elige bien tu silla.' Dress: Very old and pretty from Mango

Just breathe

One Word Goal: Is This Really My Life

What is the soul? Some say it is the self, the “I” that inhabits the body; without the soul, the body is like a light-bulb with no electricity. But it is more than the engine of life, say others; it is what gives life meaning and purpose. Soul is the.

From the blog: Its Time for a Cuppa Tea

Tea drinking traditions in the British office - only 4 in 10 people make a cup of hot drink for more than one colleague every day.

Spring? Cleaning at least… | Living Simply By Going Backwards

Spring? Cleaning at least…

Fibonacci Sequence Patterns in Nature | Ancient Greek philosopher and geometer Pythagoras is thought to be the ...

Connectivity Through Form: Sacred Geometry & the Golden Mean

Golden Mean or Fibonacci series. The number of clockwise and counterclockwise spirals in a sunflower are always two consecutive Fibonacci numbers.

The Reading Brain in the Digital Age: The Science of Paper versus Screens: Scientific American

Scientists Discover Children’s Cells Living in Mothers’ Brains: Scientific American


How To Power Through Your Weight Loss Setbacks

Slow Cooker Beef Stroganoff RecipeAuthor: Show Me the YummyRecipe type: MainPrep time: 15 minsCook time: 8 hoursTotal time: 8 hours 15 minsServes: beef stroganoff? You’ll love my Slow Cooker …

How to start a profitable blog from scratch (for free!) plus why you need to blog! That’s it. I’m calling you out. Yes, you. You’re lurking. You want to start a blog, and you haven’t yet. Or, maybe you are a blogger and you’d just like a boost. Regardless, I think a blog is the absolute best way to connect online, establish your goals, and even make money or a side …

Why You Need to Start a Blog + Free Course

Watercolour  Zentangle, these are examples from Marie Browning CZT book Time to Tangle available at http://www.softexpressions.com/software/books/4L3032.php

Watercolour & Zentangle, these are examples from Marie Browning CZT book…

Make this amazing pressure cooker chicken with just a quick sear in the pan, and a sit on the can (of beer). After minutes at high pressure you can have a whole, beautiful, tender, flavorful chicken on the table in about half an hour!  The beer is does not only a braise, but the beer can goes in the pan serving as a stand to keep the chicken upright and steaming the chicken from the inside.  Pressure cooking a chicken in this position keeps all of the dark meat in direct contact with the…

Pressure Cooker Whole Chicken

Tamil serial Mouna Ragam Polimer TV drama online now. Dailymotion videos on top serial on Polimer TV Mouna Ragam March 2016 do not miss it here latest episode.

Grey Linen (called French Linen in the US) Excellent info from Ciruelo Interiors Blog; "Annie Sloan Chalk Paint lovers: Here is my extended colours range" show how the colors can be mixed to achieve huge color range~

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint lovers: Here is my extended colours range

Mommy fun fact #11 ~ conflict resolution - A Mom With A Lesson Plan

How to Get Excited about Conflict Between Kids

NSA can't say if it collected data on lawmakers, officials: The National Security Agency said it is lawfully unable to search its database to determine if it has swept up phone records from members of Congress or other elected officials. (TheHill)

House report: 'Substantial' evidence Stockman took illegal contributions