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Male kangaroos can jump up to 10 feet in the air and 30 feet horizontally. That's long enough to jump over five average adult humans laid head to foot!

Albino Red Kangaroos.

The Weird Wild and Wonderful - Vintage Animal Illustrations

Albino Red Kangaroos.

Our ROOS r fixin to jump all over u

Our ROOS r fixin to jump all over u


Kangaroo Fight Poster T-Shirt

Macho Kangaroo

Red Kangaroo at Prague Zoo, Czech Republic.

Animals Waving Goodbye 6 kangaroo

Animals waving goodbye are so much better than humans. Here is a video plus 20 of the best photos of animals saying goodbye for you.

Familia de Canguro, en Australia

Kangaroo with joey (baby) in her pouch. Joeys can stay in the pouch for up to 6 months




kangaroo waiting for a lift

Kangaroo Family - Big Foot Marsupials | Animal Pictures and Facts | FactZoo.com

Kangaroo Family - Big Foot Marsupials

Kangaroo Family - Big foot marsupials including big and small hoppers from wallabies to the quokka.

Kangaroo study -Ed Davis

Kangaroo Study by uberkraaft

Find lots of cool info about Roos here!

Find lots of cool info about Roos here!

Who wouldn't want to hang out with this guy all day? I love kangaroos.

windspray: straya

quite the curious kangaroo, eh?

Australian Kangaroo and her Joey

18+ Cute Australian Animals Pictures that Can Melt Your Heart [So Cute

Cape Hillsborough Kangaroo on the beach, Australia


mother and calf from emuwren