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the little things

the little things

brass jars

Oh my, I love these brass jars! A little interior decoration on a Friday afternoon! These jars are so beautiful, I love the used finish you get with brass.

soft seating

We have added another soft seating area to our home. We found the modular sofa Söderhamn at IKEA and loved it at first sight.

in black and white

Our kitchen goes in black and white. With our Victoria Ghost chairs by Philippe Starck, Kartell, in transparent plastic the dining area feels light and airy.

come rain or shine

Come rain or shine, our Bloom pots light up every morning! It is a good but very wet morning in Stockholm!

light in the dark

Our light in the dark! Christmas is approaching and in Stockholm it gets dark at Swedes are always a bit early in setting up Christmas decorations.


Christmas x I know it is only the beginning of November but the stores in Stockholm are already bursting with Christmas decorations.


Interior decoration details in my home! Scandinavian design is the base in my design aesthetic. But I like to add some fun and loving character to the home.

ready for furniture

Our new house is ready for furniture. Today my husband and I have cleaned and scrubbed the whole house. Tomorrow the furniture arrives from Sofia.

home decoration

Here is a home decoration that I really like. Family photos can sometimes be too much but one or two nice collections in different places is nice.

nailed it!

Finally I nailed it! I love these chunky lamp guirlands for our new house. Ever since I bought them I have been looking for the perfect way to hang them.

candle light morning

A candle light morning was needed today! The only way to handle these dark mornings is to light candles.

toda's deco

Create a nice base for your center piece with this great marble tray from Granit, fill it with your favourites of the season.

date night

Date night! No children this evening so a nice afternoon coffee, strolling, shopping and a movie in the city and then dinner with the house full of candles.

tree time

It is Christmas tree time! This year we have a medium sized Christmas tree but a really chubby one! With long, thick and dark green needles.