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9 Animated GIFs That Show How Machines Really Work

BSc Engineering Technology: four stroke gasoline engine How a four-stage gasoline engine works . "Blue is a gas-air mixture, red is an exploding gas-air mixture, and black is exhaust.

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Ein durchsichtiger Turbolader | Webfail - Fail Bilder und Fail Videos

Ein durchsichtiger Turbolader

Funny pictures about Awesome Turbo Propulsion. Oh, and cool pics about Awesome Turbo Propulsion. Also, Awesome Turbo Propulsion photos.

hakosukajapan:  The essentials of a turbocharged engine system

How a turbocharger works = LOADS of air gets in /extra horse power comes out - that in essence is what propels us about !

Aprende Mecánica Automotriz con este Post

Aprende Mecánica Automotriz con este Post

Boyle's & Charles Law in relation to Automotive Engines (Internal combustion engine).

Dual-clutch transmissions offer the best of manual and automatic transmissions and are becoming increasingly popular. Learn about dual-clutch transmissions.

How Dual-clutch Transmissions Work

Most people know that cars come with two basic transmission types: manuals and automatics. But there's also something in between that offers the best of both worlds -- the dual-clutch transmission.