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Winter sunset in Franconia, Bavaria, Germany • Philip Klinger Nature Photography on http://photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=16910637

I adore the snow in Germany. (Winter Sunset, Bavaria, Germany photo via margaret)

Яркие краски природы | Релаксик

Яркие краски природы | Релаксик

Russia, winter, cold, water, snow, trees, fuzzy or fluffy texture of the snow, white, brown, black, orangey-yellow, yellow, orange, ice, branches make a feathery or lacey texture when there's ice on them

Winter - It's Written on the Wall: Do you Have Christmas Snow Yet? If Not Enjoy these Snow Photos

Awesome view | nature | | sunrise |  | sunset | #nature  https://biopop.com/

Winter Sunrise / so beautiful! it's been a while since i saw a sunset in the winter from such a distance.

Sunset (Finland) ... Winter Trees and Stars | by Matti Lehtinen on Ethereal Vistas

etherealvistas: “ Sunset (Finland) by Matti Lehtinen ”