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Baby Boxer - I know.... it is not a cat but I don't like dogs well enough to have a board for them!

Baby boxer love that face

Boxer Puppy... I either need another boxer or a baby! What's it gonna be God??? lol

Ignoring the words. This is an adorable boxer pup

Perfect angel!!  What a face!!! ♥

my boxer puppy! She is so sweet, and very active!

Boxers are so loving.... Such an amazing pet, but lets face it mine is more than just my dog... There to love, to bounce, to lay with you when you cry, and make you smile when you hurt....

Whatever happens, don’t say Awww (31 Photos)

Give A Cute Little Kiss , this funny dog picture is here for your laughs. funnydogworld presents give a cute little kiss.

What a sweet baby Boxer face with such flash in fawn and a black and white mask.

Boxer Dog

We are going to get a boxer puppy soon!

She loves baby pacifiers!  This is the first one she found, at 3 months old, on a walk on the Strand in Hermosa Beach.  Just picked it up and kept walking...

Mine is already stealing pacifiers and the baby isn't here yet!

How could you NOT love the faces on these sweet boxer puppies? HOW does one get them to hold still for a picture????

A six pack of sweet boxer puppies! Bailey has to be part Boxer

Baby Boxer / Boxing Outfit - via @Craftsy

Baby Boxer / Boxing Outfit

Ravelry: Baby Boxer / Boxing Outfit pattern by Briana K Crochet

Boxer Pictures - Pictures of Boxer Dogs    Too Funny!!

Boxer Pictures - Pictures of Boxer Dogs

"I win." typical Boxer thing to do!

Boxer Clubs in the United States of America II, Dog, Cat and other Pet Friendly Travel Articles

Boxer pups are the cutest

baby boxer! My Dad bred boxers when I was young...Brownie was our FIRST ....boxers remind me of my youth and my Dad....

boxers are love! Boxer puppy, guarding the door

Maria and Bruce's Daphne...every bit as cute as she looks!

Precious little boxer babies. the beauty is they are as precious when they are big and grown and still puppy like as when they're little precious boxer babies

If I owner either a boxer or dobbie they would not have their ears cropped. Of course that is my opinion only.

High five backatchya Brindle Boxer baby!


Boxers Are Like Cookies Limited Edition

what a cutie Boxer puppy sweetness

My baby with her favorite ball

My baby with her favorite ball