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We use only 100% Certified Organic Produce in our Smoothies!

Just say NO to GMO! Don't pass a law that requires companies to label if the product contains GMO's allow companies the freedom to label if their product if GMO free.

How to determine if produce is Organic or GMO

Slow Cooker Caribbean Black Beans & Coconut-Lime Brown Basmati Rice with Cilantro

This is helpful info! Know if your produce is organic, conventional or GMO

Should You Go Non-GMO? Here’s What You Need to Know

Should You Go Non-GMO? Here’s What You Need to Know

How to Eat if you are avoiding GMO.and EVERYONE should avoid GMO foods. Do your research and pay more for non-GMO foods, or pay later with cancer and treatment.

CEO of Monsanto eats organic but calls others that do elitists. Laws have been set up to protect Monsanto. Scientists are not allowed to research the long term effects of GMOs or Round Up Ready pesticide even though gov't has just approved the highest levels ever allowed in food knowing it causes birth defects and lower IQ. How does this country and taxpayers pay for that? Healthcare and lower level intelligence of our children, HUGE PRICE.

Ceo Of Monsanto Eats Organic! Doesn't Eat His Own Products, But Calls Other People Who Want Healthy Organic Food "Elitists"!

Yet again, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in Monsanto's favor. The Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association and a group of dozens of organic and conventional family farmers, seed companies, and public advocacy interests sued Monsanto in March 2011. The suit sought to prohibit the company from suing farmers whose fields became inadvertently contaminated with corn, soybeans, cotton, canola and other crops containing Monsanto's genetic modifications. Clarence Thomas

MONSANTO : Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and Hillary Clinton are corrupted puppets of Monsanto.Hillary defies of Americans to oppose something as simple as a label on a package that says"contains GMO's"

Easy to understand 2 minute #GMO video. Great for sharing with family and friends.

Monsanto and GMOs: What you need to know in 2 minutes

This farmer was AMAZING...the most informed, intelligent, TRUE arguments for eating organic/GMO-free.  Amazing what the government is doing to farmers...despicable. Check him out in Food, Inc.

If You Think Organic Food Is Expensive Have You Priced Cancer Lately - Joel Salatin - Health Insurance Quotes

Genetically Modified Foods (GMO) Linked to Tumors, Allergies and Early Death | http://www.draxe.com/genetically-modified-foods-gmo-linked-tumors-allergies-early-death/

See if Your Senators Back Monsanto When It Comes to GMO Labeling

Genetically Modified Foods (GMO) Linked to Tumors, Allergies and Early Death by Dr. Do you say no to GMOs?