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Political Cartoons of the Week: Benghazi Committee vs. Hillary

Political Cartoons of the Week

Political Cartoons of the Week: Benghazi Committee vs.

While trying to attack Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump revealed that he appears to have no idea what the President Of The United States does.

New financial disclosure forms reveal that the Trump campaign used donor money to pay the retainer for Trump Jr.'s lawyer before The New York Times published their big story.

House Republicans Break The Law By Leaking Classified Clinton FBI Interview Info

There are already reports that House Republicans are leaking classified information from Hillary Clinton's FBI interview in violation of federal law.

Donald Trump's reluctant attack dog In a rare clip from his conservative talk radio show and elsewhere, Mike Pence has shied away from personal attacks on the Clintons. When it comes to the Clintons, Mike Pence has often been a reluctant aggressor. He’s heaped praise on Hillary Clinton in the past, opining on national television about the historic nature of her White House run and referring to her as “one of the most admired, not only women, but public people in America.” On many occasions…

Donald Trump's reluctant attack dog

Mike Pence was billed as a great communicator and smart political player. But in Indiana, his repeated fumbles nearly cost him his political career.

Michigan voting totals revised again, Hillary Clinton climbs to within 10,000 votes

Three Wisconsin precincts revise vote totals after caught padding Donald Trump’s numbers