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Gifs for Everything

INFJ with ADD. SPN, GIFs, and.whatever holds my attention long enough really.

9x06 Heaven Can't Wait

Did you see this?

Crowley: 5 year old - This is the funniest gif I have ever seen in my life. Plus Sams face is the best. As usual<<<<< it's like crowley is a little kid throwing thier dinner at their parent or something

(gif) I love Jensen's reaction. It's just super. --- Jensen doing everyone's OMG my best friend just talked to me in public the way I talk to them in private OH SHIT JUST GOT REAL...face.

Jensen's reaction is my favorite thing about this gif. I've pinned this before but I love this gif.>> I love Jensens reaction


Hahahahahaha, I honestly thought they'd grab Adam while they were in there. Then, I thought maybe the door from hell to purgatory they let open would be an escape for Adam. But, I don't think we've seen the last of the pissed off half brother.

Those nice demons ... Gosh you  can't find good help these days ...

Why are the Demons always too nice? Then there was the yellow Eyed Demon. Like, dude wtf?

Brilliant scene with Felicia Day ~Supernatural

"I also found a series of books by Carver Edlund. Thanks for saving the world and stuff. Sorry you have zero luck with the ladies." "We need to find every single copy of these books and burn them" "They're online now, good luck with that" by belinda

Did they just... They did. They did. Oh my god. And my love ever grows.

Supernatural is a fandom for serious fans. I love the random references. Oh and the great classic rock music. The classic rock music.

What actors can do when the rest of the troop says, "I've got your back". (Or…

gotta love the Supernatural crew, SPN fan or not