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Werksentwurf Itera AB, Itera (1980)

Werksentwurf Itera AB, Itera (1980)

Wooden Bike Accessories  - The best timbered adornments for your ride

Wooden Bike Accessories

Under the theory of "the right number of bicycles one should own is n+1", I think I need a ballet-slipper pink bike. Yes? Oui.

Indigo Crossing, hate the basket. Black traditional would be best for the basket!

Amazing Cool Bicycles - T-Cargo side car bike. Between friends & cargo, I could find some good uses for this.

ภาพจาก http://www.maxitendance.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/1-Velo-Ecolo-Thonet-Bike-Andy-Martin.jpg

Wooden bike is designed by dutch chair company thonet and london designer andy martin. Bike is made from beech wood which is built by steam bending process

wood bike

Bike Made Of Wood - Wooden Bike From Chicago

Chicago based Seth Deysach of Lagomorph Design built this incredible bicycle frame out of black walnut. Gorgeous doesn’t even begin to des.

Paris by ester

Paris is wonderful in and of itself, but it's even more fabulous when it's done in pink! Here's how we'd do a perfectly pink day in Paris.

Bicyclus - Stefano Marchetto has designed a special bicycle sharing system for effective and sustainable commuting in Copenhagen known as Bicyclus. According ...

Sustainable Bike-Sharing Systems

Copenhagen Wheel: MIT Unveils the Swiss Army Knife of Bike Wheels The Copenhagen Wheel, unveiled by MIT students at the Climate Change Conference, may not look like anything special.