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Cute  Original drawing by ©Artgerm I just colored it in

Cute 😉 Original drawing by ©Artgerm I just colored it in

Bebés :3 | Steven Universe Español Amino

I think Steven was a little down after seeing Connie and her mom hugged. He misses his mom, too (they never got to meet physically even once) Anyway, lucky had little Lion )) This ep broke my he.

Mom Pearl and Mom Amethyst and Daughter Opal.

Oh my god this is awesome. The gems that make a fusion=that fusions mom. But that does mean that pearl went with garnet who is probably the child of ruby and sapphire

SKETCH DUMP: Steven Universe Style Study #2 by InvaderIka.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

I spent a few hours watching various Steven Universe episodes and decided to do a study& of the shows style.

I thought it was cute... then I saw old Greg and I totally lost it. I was crying so hard

I'm usually not fond of the "Connie and Steven have a baby" thing, but this is pretty freakin cute thanks to Peridot.<< okay I'm crying Steven is holding a picture of rose.