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Jad Show - Magnet

Jad does a simple experiment with a magnet to show its reaction to metals and non-metals. He uses a magnet and metals to create a cool seismometer that can b.

Jad Show - Water Uptake

Jad does a quick and fun experiment with colored water to show how plants take water up into their leaves and stems.

Jad Show - Room Spray

Jad makes cool scents and room sprays by mixing water with essential oils.

Jad Show - Making a Paper Glider

Jad Show - Making a Paper Glider

Jad Show - Acid and Base

Jad tests common household items to see if they are acid or base.

Jad Show - Carbonation

Jad shows a cool science trick on how to make carbonation or fizz with baking soda and vinegar.

Jad Show - Lego Toys

Jad build cool lego cars and toys.

Jad Show - Making a Volcano

Jad make a volcano model with plaster bandage, string, cardboard and paint.

Jad Show - Rocks and Minerals

Jad does a show and tell of the semi-precious stones he found while digging in a mine.