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Tylney Adventures

Over the last few months I have not done much in the way of bushcraft so there has been a slight lack of How To …. tutorials coming out.

Chosin Cup 2015 - Adventuring All The Way

I had a cracking time photographing this years Chosin Cup competition with London Area Sea Cadets. This is the hardest competition I get involved with every year with the Sea Cadets.

Adventure Leaders - 2016

Last April it was time to start the Basic Expedition Leaders course for 2016 here at London Area Sea Cadets. The course is spread over four weekends and the students – if they pass – ge…

Bullerjan hot air furnaces have been around for about 30 years now with a loyal following in North America and mainland Europe. They were first devised by Canadian Lumberjacks in the snowy Rocky Mountains for heating the log cabin quickly. They set about making a stove of curved tubes and burning the wood within the barrel shape they had created. The curved pipes enabled the hot air to rapidly convect into the room. They had developed what we now know as the Bullerjan wood burning stove.

Bullerjan Stove "Designed By Canadian Lumberjacks"

Bullerjan Stove Designed By Canadian Lumberjacks. "When it comes to heating a room or house in the dead of winter, who are we to argue with Canadian lumberjacks?

The 2017 Adventure Leaders - Weekend 1

Since 2010 I have been part of the team running the Basic Expedition Leader (BEL) Award in London Area Sea Cadets. I have lost count of the number of potential Adventure Leaders I have trained and …

10 Reasons to Bushmoot - 6/10 - Meet the Moot Kids

One thing that the BCUK Bushmoot is renowned for is its kid friendly environment. The Moot provides a massive playground for both structured (by lessons) and unstructured learning (through play).

Finlay - The Naturalist

For the last three months I have been out on regular bimbles with my son Finlay to observe and learn about nature for his Naturalist badge at Cubs. This is not an easy badge to obtain and takes thr…

10 Reasons to Bushmoot - 5/10 - Food - Glorious Food

10 Reasons to Bushmoot - - Food - Glorious Food

How to build a bug shelter.

One of the requirements for Finlay’s Naturalist badge at Cubs was to build a Bug Hotel. So off to the woods we went with his friend Finlay (yep, two best friends called Finlay) and his sister…

Picture of the Week - Week 21 - Quality Time

Picture of the Week - Week 21 - Quality Time