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Lucky Twenty-Eight: Tips for Achieving an Unmedicated Birth: Strategies for Labor and Delivery (Part 3)

Lucky Twenty-Eight: Tips for Achieving an Unmedicated Birth: Strategies for Labor and Delivery (Part i dont want to have any meds! not that it will go that way, but if i can keep from it i will have a natural birth! :) good for Sarah to read

MUST READ...A list of routine procedures after the baby is born that you need to educate yourself on to make a decision, not just go with the flow.

You Want to Stick that in my Baby Where! Informed Consent in Newborn Procedures - Modern Alternative PregnancyModern Alternative Pregnancy

Why I pack pineapple juice in my hospital bag. A tip for breast-feeding moms. l lifeshouldcostless.com

Why I pack Pineapple Juice In My Hospital Bag, A tip for breast-feeding moms. My mom taught me this and it is seriously the best thing ever!

Pregnancy Checklist - What to do When Pregnant | Fit Pregnancy | week by week

Pregnancy Checklist - What to Do When Pregnant

Week First Trimester of Pregnancy: Pregnancy Checklist! What you need to do before baby, broken down by trimesters and weeks.

Dead Horse Point, near Moab, Utah  Photo credit: Jack Quintero

You know you're in your third trimester when you drop something on the floor and walk away muttering fuck it - Pregnancy Humor -

Tips to Increasing Your Breast Milk Supply Naturally - How I Breastfed for 20+ Months. #breastfeeding #breastfed #breastfedbaby

Increasing your Breast Milk Supply - How I Breastfed for 24+ Months

I'm always telling my husband we'd have to have another diaper bag if we did formula. Boobies are ready at all times! Perfect temp and never goes bad!

In honor of Breastfeeding Awareness Week, I have decided to put together a little photo list Wordless Wednesday style.

Essa é pra minha mãe!! Kkkkkkkk

Helping grandma with the remotes- This is so funny! My Grandma basically knows how to turn her tv on, but she doesn't ever use it, so I guess she's better for it! Still - this makes me laugh!

bMXkbVQJOIeFl3Z3DzLYudLgUYuIlWqk_lg.jpg #pregnancyhumor

bMXkbVQJOIeFl3Z3DzLYudLgUYuIlWqk_lg.jpg #pregnancyhumor

Trolling easily offended people…

Trolling easily offended people…

"Very Crafty" - by Heather Cushman-Dowdee - Hilarious Comic Has The Perfect Response To People Who Try To Shame Breastfeeding Moms

That's about right. Lol

Breastfeeding baby and baby can look very different - this mama has an accurate perspective!