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Instead of cleaning the house I just turn off the lights.and made myself another cup of coffee! Sounds good to me!

That might help, lol

Free and Funny Reminders Ecard: It's true money can't buy happiness, but I'd cheer up much faster while sitting poolside in a loungechair outside of my oceanfront mansion.

Frieda is a character in the comic strip Peanuts by Charles Schulz.

"People Always Expect More of You When You Have Naturally Curly Hair", Peanuts, December I got my curls from my mother. Blessed now , but cursed them for many years

I'm right anyway.

This is totally how I feel about my mom when she is telling me how I should cook things step by step. I know she's only trying to help, but I will never learn if I don't try it on my own.

Yes, thats right you must be.. I dont have to pick up the shoes and clothes you leave all over the house...

This Must Be Confusing Me With The Maid Tin Sign features a funny quote and vintage-style reproduction graphic. Metal sign perfect for wall decor.

LOL don't we all!

Free and Funny Confession Ecard: Every time I get the urge to clean. I watch Hoarders. and I decide my house isn't that dirty after all!

Because chocolate can't get you pregnant


From the Retro Humor Collection. Retro Humor Chocolate Lover Collection Because Chocolate Mini Tin Sign. Says Because Chocolate can't get you pregnant. Measures approximately 7 Inches wide x 4 Inches tall.

Funny because I work at a coffee shop and open on weekends and the LAST thing I want to hear is, "You look tired this morning!" STFU and drink your coffee!

Yep.... it works EVERY time!  ;o)

Just Can't Sleep

Like if your a fan of Nothing cures insomnia like the realization that it’s time to get up

YES! That is so accurate!!  Works with grandkids too!!

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My life.

Pocket Charts

everytime I go, I get the 1 thing I DID need and a whole wallet full of random stuff.


vintage I finally figured out my body type. it's hourglass with Extra minutes

At 61 I have had with headless idiots whose heads fall off when they pull their idiotic heads out of their dumbasses & spew some stupid shit at me - they need to find their heads, shove them back up their asses & shut the fuck up

This Older I Get Everyone Can Kiss My Ass Tin Sign features a funny quote and vintage-style reproduction graphic. Metal sign perfect for wall decor.

Mother's Day with humor

Recovery from PND - Use Humour!

Cheers to moms! In honor of Mother's Day coming up this Sunday, here are a few of my favorite articles celebrating motherhood and life as a mom.