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Catherine Nelson are made by combining her wonderful mixed skills originating from the art education in painting received at the College of Fine Arts in Sydney and digit photography. Read more at http://designyoutrust.com/2016/06/fantastical-new-worlds-created-from-realistic-landscapes-by-catherine-nelson/#8o9su2E3Wt5WDiQG.99

Fantastical New Worlds Created From Realistic Landscapes By Catherine Nelson

Elba - Bizarre Micro-Planets Made From Hundreds of Landscape Photos - Catherine Nelson uses compositing techniques to make fantastical planets out of her favorie landscape photos.

a812ef6f8b82b44d372d.jpg  Catherine Nelson, Australia

Miniature Worlds Digitally Assembled from Hundreds of Photographs by Catherine Nelson planets Earth digital collage

Fish Pond

Floating Worlds by Catherine Nelson Catherine Nelson born in Sydney 1970 is a visual artist who uses the digital medium to paint images together into personal and imaginary landscapes.

Pics of Little Planets: 30 Polar Panoramic Photographs

Life on a little planet the size of your house and yard – what would it be like? These surrealistic photo-transformers expertly explore the possibilities of image manipulation.

Danube Lilies by Catherine Nelson

Each of Catherine Nelson’s images is actually a collage of hundreds of photographs of the same landscape.

50 Esempi Dazzling di Polar Panorama Fotografia foto

50 Dazzling Examples of Polar Panorama Photography

Polar Panorama Photography Some Eye Catching Examples

bourgoyen spring - Floating Landscapes by Catherine Nelson  <3 <3

Floating Landscapes by Catherine Nelson


眼を奪われる... 世界の美を球体に丸め込んだ作品 Catherine Nelson


Schilderen met foto's

Feature film effects artist Catherine Nelson creates wondrous and ethereal new planets by digitally compositing hundreds of individual images into a spheri.

Panorama planets by Dan Arkle, spherical panoramas professional photographer Peak District panorama little planet landscape photography Dan Arkle

Dan Arkle is a professional photographer, based in sheffield. He specialises in selling prints of landscape photography in the Peak District, and little pl