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Hahahahaha hilarious!

Hahahahaha hilarious!

this should not make me laugh this hard but it's so common these days to hear people on the phone in a public restroom.

I almost busted a gut laughing! There's An Idiot In The Bathroom Next Door Answering All My Questions, Click the link to view today's funniest pictures!

We’ve gathered another round of memes that couldn’t have existed 10 years ago and they're hilarious!

12 Hilarious Memes That Only Today’s Christians Would Understand

Chic-fil-a closed on Sunday meme yup 😫 and that's when I'm usually wantin it

It's a frickin' elephant!

And props to the teacher for taking a breath and asking for and explanation instead of reprimanding the kid right away.

23 Hilarious Test Answers From Some Seriously Clever Kids 43 - https://www.facebook.com/diplyofficial

Hilarious Disney Truths That Will Make You Laugh

math test - Bob has 36 candy bars. He eats What does he have now ? Bob has diabetes.

Top 50 Funniest Jokes and Humor Quotes #Jokes #Humor #Hilarious | Quotes and Humor

Top 50 Funniest Jokes and Humor Quotes #Jokes #Humor #Hilarious

The fact that so many college students don't know how to do laundry amazes me. Mommy can't hold your hand forever!

one hour a day on the treadmill

The doctor asked me to spend at least one hour per day on the treadmill.