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I have to.... I'm going to Poland I don't want to wake up in front of people like that....

Screw these. They're just superstitions. I only repost because I have a board full of them.



for all doctor who fans REPOST WITHOUT BLINKING OR DIE

Don't Blink (I don't watch doctor who but my friend is a major fan so why not)

Lol only reposting by I saw the pic and knew who it was

Not risking it << I just want a gold doot I don't even know who dan and phil are<<<< GASP

I'm desperate at this point

I love how this says if you repost it will be 10 times better instead of the opposite, or you will have bad luck

Not reposting to 10 boards bc I’m protected from stuff like that bc of safety bunny so I am only doing one board

Dont repon nothing will happen its so stupid these chain posts next one i see i will report the person who posts it srry but it has to happen, comment if u aggree with me