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Swimming pool balconies surprise the world

Transparent balcony pool at intercontinental resort dubai

Another design "innovation" from the Aquaria Grande apartment towers in Mumbai  - the high altitude, open-air dance floor. guess it never gets windy in Mumbai...

Inspired by the symbol Ohm (O), Bandra Ohm is a tall residential tower in India, with fluid swimming pools on balconies, designed by world renowned architect James Law of James Law Cybertecture International.

Surreal 3D Architectural Illustrations by Victor Enrich

Surreal 3D Architectural Illustrations by Victor Enrich

The work of Victor Enrich. Enrich is a Spanish photographer who photoshops together various pieces of architecture together to create surreal buildings shaped like french fries and guns

Parinee Ism Tower in Mumbai - seriously! How incredible does this place look? A pool on every floor!

Bandra Ohm Residential Tower - a project of experts from the architectural studio of James Law Cybertecture , well known to us for a number of previous publications. The unique structure, designed to decorate one of the areas of Mumbai (India).

Bandra Ohm Residential Tower In Mumbai, India is the one of interesting hotels in İndia. You get your own private pool on the balcony. The company is set to begin construction on two exclusive residential towers in the Borivali district of Mumbai, designed by architect James Law. Bandra Ohm Residential is amazing because it has private balcony and pool to swim individually.

Impressive Swim Pools Balconies at Bandra Ohm Residential Tower in Mumbai, India


Edificios que simulan objetos!!

odd house with a dragon wrapped around the facade

Museum of Performance and Design, architect Mark Dziewulski , San Francisco, California.

Museum of Performance and Design - San Francisco Architecture Linked - Architect & Architectural Social Network, this building it self is a wonderful art piece

Unnatürlich schön sind die Fotomontagen von Victor Enrich. Ob das Orchid Hotel in Tel Aviv mit seinen Medusen artigen Balkonen, oder der Shalom Tower, den er wie einen Reißverschluss aussehen lässt...

It's photography, but still amazing! Victor Enrich photographed buildings and impossible constructions, he turned architecture (here from Tel Aviv - Israel) into improbable and surreal shapes through retouching and photo montages.

As piscinas de vidro são super modernas, mega sofisticadas, e dão um toque todo diferenciado para a casa. Conheça-as!

Piscinas de vidro, uma mistura de sofisticação e criatividade

As piscinas de vidro são super modernas, mega sofisticadas, e dão um toque todo diferenciado para a casa. Conheça-as!


Crescent Moon Tower, Dubai What an impressive building - Fly me to the moon.

A waffle like structure in the middle of Seville, Spain. Looks strange and alien like at first glance - but I think it's pretty awesome. The amount of work that went into creating it and designing it must have been insane!   Project : Metropol Parasol Redevelopment of Plaza de la Encarnacion, Seville, Spain

Metropol Parasol, largest wood structure in the world in Seville, Spain

Rosamaria G Frangini | Architecture Skyscraper ▪️ The Rainbow Gate Tower, China http://architecturia.tumblr.com/

The Rainbow Gate Tower, Beijing, China by Gensler Architects :: 68 floors, height Proposed skyscraper.

JW Marriott Marquis  Dubai, the Twin Towers | See more Amazing Snapz

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - JW Marriott Marquis - The Twin Towers

This building is located in Mumbai, India. Photo: Sanjay Puri Architects |http://www.crystalglass.ca

Sanjay Puri Architects - Mumbai // Get to know more Architecture Projects >

Hindu Temple, Matunga, Mumbai, India

I`ve been to Mumbai last year and i loved it it was incredible to see the many ancient traditions still being perserved alongside the beautiful building architecture. For more inspirations tap on the image!

Mukesh Ambani  |  His 1 billion dollar home took 7 years to complete and now stands as one of the tallest in downtown South Mumbai. With 400,000 square feet of interior space, the residence comes complete with a ballroom, plenty of lounges, 9 elevators, a 6 story parking garage, 4 floors of outdoor gardens, 3 helipads on the roof and 1 private gym for every member of the family!  Perkins & Will and Hirsch Bedner Associates

The World’s Most Expensive Home Is Ready for its Owner

The Most Expensive House In The World: One Billion Dollar House, Mumbai: 27 floors