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(356) Purslane In Scramdled Eggs - YouTube

is purslane a weed or an edible? I weeded tons of it out of my dad's garden as a kid only to find out know it is sought out by people to eat.

Tumeric Pill Update and More

Tumeric Pill Update and

How to harvest Chaga, a mushroom that grows on Birch trees, and has phenomenal antioxidant power for many health issues. Used as tea, tinctures, etc.

Last week, you met Dr. This week, you get to come into the woods with us in northern Manitoba, Canada.



Bioluminescent Mushrooms

I take a look at some bioluminescent mushrooms. Most likely Panellus stipticus, I'm told.

Seaweed Festival

I go to a seaweed festival a SMCC in South Portland, Maine. I took a class from an artist on seaweed pressing and also go.

What are these

I managed to identify the first one but what is the second?

Joanne Fabric Items

I go shopping with one of my daughters at Jo-Ann Fabrics.

Maine Reptile Expo Fall 2016

I check out the Maine fall reptile expo. I get to eat some bugs and see a sugar glider. Really good prices on normal colored snakes.

Bird Show 11 5 2016

The bird show In Manchester, New Hampshire. My daughter saves a bundle of quality bird toy the macaw can't destroy in several minutes like most you can buy i.

Emergency Food Granny's Potato Soup

Emergency Food Granny's Potato Soup

Visit at Joes

Visit at Trader Joe's.

What to know when hunting for morel mushrooms.

I don't eat mushrooms or oysters but i will help get them. What to know when hunting for morel mushrooms.

A Hawk Kill

A Hawk Killed one of my Chickens, very common this time of year. broke its next. My daughter scared it away and locked up the other chickens.