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vintage_ads: Carnation (1958) :: Some day I'm going to make a bunch of disgusting-ish vintage recipes.

Whipped Carnation Instant Rainbow Candy -idea square cakes (petit fours) covered with cocos or sprinkled chocolate etc

GREAT site for Heritage Recipes.  This is too cool and goes along with some of our homeschool writing projects...

Heritage Recipes -- Sharing old family recipes and traditions -- dedicated to the preservation of memories and old recipes

My Irish Grandmother's recipe for Dandelion Wine

An Irish Grandmother's recipe for Dandelion Wine. Use wine yeast instead, verify sugar and water ratio

Vintage T-Shirt  - How to fabricate a vintage T-shirt (might have to do a test on a shirt that is now too big just to see if it actually works!)

Instant Vintage

"Instant Vintage" by Men's Health. Here's how to create an inexhaustible supply of broken in t-shirts. What you need to fabricate a vintage T-shirt: c sodium carbonate washing soda + 2 c salt + 1 pack fine-grit sandpaper + 1 new T-shirt.

Kelloggs Recipes Vintage Cookbook f/ Snap Crackle & Pop w/ Illustrations 1940s Cooking Cook Book Australia

Kelloggs Recipes Vintage Cookbook f/ Snap Crackle & Pop w/ Illustrations Cooking Cook Book Australia. Rice Crispies treats and a whole bunch of other cereal faves!

Lots of bread recipes...sandwich, sweet milk, deli style, whoe wheat, oatmeal and more...yum

List of homemade breads oven and bread machine. *Becca says: I did the homemade rolls {you'll see if you scroll down a ways}. All the kneading is done in bread machine.baking done in oven. SO easy.SO good.

Deep South Dish: Grandma's Homemade Potato Soup

Grandma's Homemade Potato Soup

I like a repository of old recipes. I want to try some of these old-fashioned recipes--Deep South Dish: Heritage"

Google Image Result for http://carolwinnerart.com/paintings/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/august-2-2010-029a.jpg

assemblage art angels repurposed Tea/spice tins, kitchen tools, porcelain doll heads, etc