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MP: Headcannon that Chris does this because he's jealous, not because of the dog woman, and when Ted finds out, it's okay because Ted secretly kinda liked Chris back and- y'know what, I'll go write a fanfiction.

I ship Chris and Ted. I ALSO ship TED and NICK! I need some assistance from the smoke fandom

KnT #93

KnT - 93 by on DeviantArt<-- I love these comics and this just made me physically awww

KnT Part 93 by Z-toon

This actually happened in real life, When I was little , my older sister drew a TINY smiley face my cat's hip thinking that I won't notice it.

Wiishu what did I tell you about looking that stuff up you never know what you'll find! And Mark doesn't need no man!

Haha I watched this and laughed soo hard then fangirled a bit when he typed that in :p

Dose anyone else find it weird that Chris doll looks like him as a kid but ted doesn't. I mean his hair is his normal hair not his died but teds is still green. Like is that just me or what?

Things I learned: Ted's real name is Tedrick Doll Ted likes to kill Doll Chris<<<I get so baffled by these old ones but Imma call Ted Tedrick whenever I get a chance now

aiden knt comic hoodie - Google Search

UKnT by Z-Doodler on DeviantArt>>>I bet it was Chris>>it was definitely Chris the jeffmelon-killer